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Splunk Enterprise 6.4.2 [x64] (FULL + Crack)

Splunk Enterprise 6.4.2 [x64] (FULL + Crack)

Splunk Enterprise makes it simple to collect, analyze and act upon the untapped value of the big data generated by your technology infrastructure, security systems and business applications—giving you the insights to drive operational performance and business results.

Splunk Enterprise Release 6.4

Release 6.4 reduces data storage costs, provides new management features, and introduces a library of interactive visualizations and new cloud service monitoring apps. Get on board

Storage Cost Optimization
Release 6.4 can cut on-premises historical (cold) data storage costs by 40 – 80%, saving you millions of dollars or letting you retain critical data online for much longer.

Enhanced Mission-Critical Management
Expanded system monitoring, single sign-on options and role-based management increase operational efficiency, security and flexibility.

Powerful Interactive Visualizations
New visualizations, a development framework, and an open library make it simple to visualize data in new and intuitive ways.

Enhanced Cloud Service Monitoring
New/enhanced apps for Akamai, AWS and ServiceNow give you visibility into the detailed performance and health of the cloud services you depend on.