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Soft-Evolution Pimero Pro 2013 R2 8.2.5091 (FULL + Serial Key)

Soft-Evolution Pimero Pro 2013 R2 8.2.5091(FULL + Serial Key)Soft-Evolution Pimero is a convenient appointment calendar, task list planner and Contact Manager. With its automatic, serverless synchronisation every PC is up to date at any time. If you are on the road frequently, work with several computers Pimero offers you unique benefits in appointment scheduling. With its automatic, serverless synchronisation, based on peer-to-peer technology, you need not give a second thought to how you maintain your appointments up-to-date.”


Manage your appointments with the scheduler. It offers a wide variety of functions, from categorization, grouping and filtering to calendar sharing with other Pimero users.

Create Appointment Series
Create recurring appointments with just a few clicks. If one appointment changes, Pimero creates an exception for you.

Add Your Own Categories
Add your own appointment categories with individual colors and icons.

Calendar Sharing
Allow other Pimero users to access your calendar. Set read/edit/delete permissions for individuals or user groups and keep private appointments hidden from others. Create appointments for multiple users with just a few clicks that appear in every participating user’s own scheduler sheet.

Free Time Selection
We’ve predefined the timespans “Day”, “Workweek”, “Week” and “Month” for you. If you want to display other days, you can select them manually.

Calendar Grouping
Calendar sheets can be grouped by date or folder. You can also display multiple calendar sheets in a single, overlayed view.

Six zoom levels allow to scale the calendar sheet from five minutes up to one hour.

Automatic Reminder
You can set reminders for every appointment. This way you won’t forget anything anymore!

Additional Calendar Features

  • National holidays
  • Search and Filter for appointments
  • Easy printing for days, weeks and months
  • Full support for Drag & Drop functionality


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