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WinNc (FULL + Keygen)

WinNC (FULL + Keygen)“CLICK HERE” for version

WinNc is a file manager developed for Windows 8 and 7. This NC clone file manager is inspired on the dual panel concept of the old file manager Norton Commander. Download is free and uninstallable. Just give it a try today!”

WinNc, a tabbed file manager like Norton Commander
WinNc is a tabbed file manager especially developed for Windows 8 (works on 7).

It also works on the older versions of Windows. This NC clone file manager is inspired on the dual panel idea of the old file manager Norton Commander. It has shortcuts to all the Windows 7 and 8 special folders and the tabbed interface allows you to organize your data by project. Projects can include virtual links to files and folders from all over the disk that are related to that project tab. With a new Windows 8 interface WinNc can do all the basic tasks you expect from a file manager like copy, move, delete, compress, uncompress and create links. But WinNc also converts audio, burns files on dvd and cd, creates iso files and you are able to synchronize your files. From zip files it allows the creation of self extraction .exe files.

File actions in WinNc

WinNc uses logical colors for the file actions so you can see if a file is being copied (Green), being moved (Orange) or being packed (Yellow). WinNc allows you to perform multiple tasks by setting the maximum parallel tasks to more than one task. Otherwise WinNc will wait to start the new action until the previous action has finished. There is a built in file viewer supporting all the popular formats. It has a built in slideshow viewer, an audio player and a video player for quickly browsing through your media.

Changes in

– Updated: Russian language updated (thanks to Igor Pavlov)
– Updated: Simplified chinese updated (thanks to Mr Wydery)
– Fixed: Numerical overflow in hash calcultion of editor (x64)
– Fixed: FTP option “-al”
– Added: New FTP advanced dialog
– Fixed: 7z overflow issue (x64)
– Fixed: FTP disconnect highlights last open FTP configuration
– Fixed: Splash screen hot spot URL issue
– Fixed: Scaling of operation dialog fixed
– Fixed: Scaling of info panel in project tab improved
– Fixed: Minor issues fixed
– Fixed: scaling issues in FTP settings and progress bar and other small items.
– Fixed: scaling issues in NetConnect form
– Fixed: Splashscreen stay on top issue


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LinPlug Organ 3 3.2.0 (FULL + Keygen)

LinPlug Organ 3 3.2.0 (FULL + Keygen)“The LinPlug Organ 3 focussed on capturing the sound and spirit of the classical organs as well as thinking of new features that accompany the classic sound. Just one examples: ADSR envelopes allow you to adjust how quickly the sound starts as well as how quickly it fades away. Release alone will add an unbelievable new flavour to many classic organ sounds.

With the LinPlug Organ 3 you have a lot of yet unheard organ sounds and many of the classic sounds right at your fingertips. Switchable Foldback, Tonewheel-Sync, realistic drawbar volume relation, the behaviour of the percussion switch, motor noise and keyclick are just a few of the aspects of the “original” sound. In the LinPlug Organ 3 you have control over all of them.”


  • Organ Synthesizer based on an emulation of many
  • classic organs and the rotary speaker
  • Each emulated aspect is individually adjustable
  • 3 manuals, individually adjustable and playable on
  • separate MIDI channels or in split or layer mode
  • Dual effects section with fully syncable rotary, reverb,
  • delay and chorus, and new: Gator and LoFi crusher.
  • 64 voice polyphonic
  • Individually adjustable Percussion for upper and lower manual
  • Adjustable Keyclick and Motor noise from off to
  • authentic or even up to overemphasized
  • Controller hardware (faderbox or synth) can be used to control the LinPlug Organ 3 parameters (MIDI Learn)
  • Switchable Portamento / Glide
  • Adjustable age from factory new to trashy
  • Spread (Unison) for each manual
  • ADSR envelope for each manual
  • Microtuning support (TUN files) for different scales
  • Including 11 alternative tonewheels
  • Fully recognized velocity, adjustable pitch bend
  • Rotary simulation with full sync to song tempo,
  • even duration of tempo change can be synced
  • Sample accurate timing
  • Full parameter automation
  • Settings are saved with your song

What’s new with 3.2.0

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash
  • Improved Logic X compatibility


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LinPlug Alpha 3 3.2.0 (FULL + Keygen)

LinPlug Alpha 3 3.2.0 (FULL + Keygen)“Focussed on the essential modules of a subtractive synthesizer Alpha 3 offers true hands on operation. Everything is where you would expect it, nothing is more complex than it needs to be. Nothing is less powerful than it needs to be. Alpha 3 is the sum of all our experience in synthesizer manufacturing. Just when you are tired of the over-complex synthesizers of today, and when you want to return to the roots, the beginning of all synthetic sound, the times when a Synthesizer could be fully programmed, then the Alpha 3 is the right synthesizer for you. Get the synth that you can control.”


  • AU and VST plug-in instrument for Mac and PC
  • 2 Oscillators with numerous waveforms
  • PWM (symmetry of all waveforms modulatable)
  • Switchable freerun for both oscillators
  • Ring Modulation (modulatable Off-AM-RM)
  • Noise Oscillator
  • Spread (5 detuned oscillators per voice, adjustable)
  • Rich sounding multimode filter with saturation
  • dedicated ADSFR filter envelope
  • Amplifier section with dedicated ADSFR envelope
  • 7 slot Modulation Matrix, 19 sources, 18 destinations
  • 3 individual LFOs with attack, host-sync, etc..
  • Portamento / Glide with various modes
  • adjustable Chorus, no other effects (intentionally)
  • Adjustable analogness
  • Global tuning and Microtonal support
  • Powerful ECS (MIDI learn for almost all Controllers)
  • sample accurate processing, total recall
  • all controls automatable
  • direct access to all banks and presets
  • 32 voice polyphonic (adjustable), true mono mode


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