PictoColor iCorrect EditLab Pro 6.0 Photoshop Plugin (FULL + Crack)

PictoColor iCorrect EditLab Pro 6.0 (FULL + Crack)“The essential plug-in for precise color editing – Powered by PictoColor Software’s unique SmartColor Technology, iCorrect EditLab Pro enables all types of digital photographers to quickly enhance their photos using innovative tools designed for speed, efficiency and accuracy. From precise selective enhancements using HueSelect Control Points to global SmartColor adjustments that improve the entire image, iCorrect EditLab Pro lets you spend more time behind your camera and less time in front of your computer.”

Color Balance: Quickly perfect the color balance of your images by setting the white balance and removing color casts by simply clicking on any neutral (black, white or gray) colors in your image. Or you can adjust with sliders for CMY or Color Temperature – NEW

Tonal Range: Precisely control the tonal range of your images by individually setting the white point, black point and midpoint of your images using familiar eye dropper, sliders, and automatic SmartColor technology.

Brightness/Contrast/Saturation: Precisely control the brightness ,contrast and saturation of your images by individually targeting highlights and shadows using sliders and automatic SmartColor technology.

HueSelectTM Control Point Technology: Perform precise hue-selective edits on your images and automatically correct familiar memory colors like Sky Blue, Foliage Green, and Skin Tones, plus convert to black and white or sepia tone while controlling the contrast and detail based on the colors in the original image.


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