Infix PDF Editor Pro 6.42 (FULL Precracked)

version 7.0.3 HERE

Infix PDF Editor Pro 6.42 (FULL Precracked)

Infix PDF editor lets you open, edit and save PDF files. It’s easy and quick – you can change text, fonts, images and more. And, unlike other PDF editors, it works like normal word processing software, so it’s really easy to use.

  • Sort out typos: correct mistakes in PDF files quickly.
  • Reuse your PDFs: edit any PDF, without the source file
  • Use less paper: fill in forms without printing

It doesn’t matter whether you change a single word, a paragraph, or an entire page. Infix is the only PDF editor that covers your back, reflowing and reformatting text to keep it looking good. Once you’ve saved a file, you can’t even tell it’s been edited.

Infix Professional PDF Editor Features
Besides offering the best text editing available in any PDF editor around the globe, Infix has many other ways of making your PDF tasks easier.

Do more with PDF graphics
Infix Pro is a comprehensive PDF Editor. It includes tools for handling graphics such as grouping, hiding and locking. It also adds the ability to edit and create clipping masks plus a vertical ruler to allow easier object alignment together with grids, guides and page margins.

Impose / Place PDF
Re-use your PDFs as components in new documents by simply placing them on the page. Resize, rotate and move as you would any other object. Since Infix can also convert any kind of document into a PDF, you can effectively import any kind of document into a PDF.

Join PDFs using Drag’n’Drop
Simply drag and drop any number of PDFs onto the Infix editor to merge them into a single document. You can also add headers, footers and page numbers across pages using the powerful ‘Clone’ facility.

Translate PDFs using CAT tools and XML
Export a PDF as XML for translation using your favourite CAT tools. Then import the translated XML back into the PDF. Infix will fit the translated text back into the place where it originally came from, minimising the need to adjust page layouts and making any necessary font substitutions along the way.

Automatic text fitting
Whether for Infix Server templates or general artwork, advanced text fitting ensures your copy looks its best. Infix Pro PDF editing software offers complete control over auto-text-fitting enabling you to specify which metrics get altered during the fitting process. It can even perform text fitting across columns and pages.

Fill-in forms
Most PDF viewers offer form-filling. Infix goes further and helps you to fill-in traditional, non-interactive PDF forms as if they were interactive. Instead of printing off a copy to fill-in by hand, do it all within Infix.

Search & Replace across PDF documents
With its powerful batch mode Infix Pro can search across multiple PDFs or entire directories full of PDFs. It will work through all documents, leaving original documents in-tact and keeping track of any errors or problems during processing. You can also search and replace inside hyperlinks – handy if your company’s web address has changed.

PDF Search and replace by font, colour or size
More advanced search criteria allow you to limit searches by the size, colour or font used for text. Useful for changing text in headers/footers without disturbing similar content in the main body of a PDF.

Redact text and images
Straight-forward and easy-to-use redaction allows you to quickly select and redact any piece of text or image. The redaction is utterly secure, removing the original text from the document and placing a coloured mark and/or label over the area.

Scan-to-PDF and OCR
Create new PDFs from your scanner using Infix. Convert scanned images into fully editable new documents, or searchable image-based PDFs. Easily make corrections to the text generated during the OCR process to ensure your PDFs are 100% accurate.

Works with Infix Server
Make PDF templates for Infix Server. Tag areas of text for replacement using the fielding facility. This also enables you to specify the kind of reflow that will occur during replacement. Tag images specifying the cropping and alignment to be used when replaced.

User defined stamps and watermarks
Create your own stamp annotations, hand-written signatures and watermarks and quickly apply them to your PDFs. Handy when you want people to know your identity – whether it be corporate or personal.

ENJOY this FULL Working Precracked Software “Infix PDF Editor Pro 6.42”.

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