HitmanPro.Alert 3.1.10 Build 372 (FULL Preactivated)

HitmanPro.Alert 3.1.10 Build 372 (FULL Preactivated)

Protect your PC, data, identity and money

The unique technologies in HitmanPro.Alert 3 are designed to stop threats before they emerge and aims to protect your vulnerable software, data and identity against current and future attacks, without requiring prior knowledge of the attack or malicious program.

Disrupting the cyber threat lifecycle
Alternative endpoint security solutions only focus on blocking malware delivery from web pages and email attachments, but HitmanPro.Alert also recognizes the capabilities of more devious attackers. It is purpose-built to disrupt attacks in real-time across the entire cyber attack lifecycle. With exemplary exploit technique prevention and proactive malware detection and remediation, HitmanPro.Alert not only prevents breaches: its many Risk Reduction features also limit motivated and skilled attackers’ abilities when they do succeed in compromising your pc.

CryptoGuard stops ransomware
The exclusive Risk Reduction features of HitmanPro.Alert include behavior-based protection against high-impact crypto-ransomware, a prolific threat that slips by web filters and antivirus defenses every day. This type of infection—also generalized as cryptoware and cryptolocker—goes after images, documents, and other personal and critical data on local disks, connected USB drives and shared folders on servers. Cryptolocker malware encrypts the computer files of its victims and demands ransom money for the decryption key. The signature-less operation of HitmanPro.Alert’s CryptoGuard technology universally prevents spontaneous encryption of data by cryptolockers. Even when trusted files or processes are hijacked for unsolicited encryption—as observed in cryptolockers “VaultCrypt”, “CryptoWall” and “CTB-Locker”—it is stopped and reverted by HitmanPro.Alert, without interaction from users or IT support personnel.

Risk reduction
Other Risk Reduction features focus e.g. on anti-espionage, such as kernel-level Keystroke Encryption, Webcam Notifier and BadUSB Protection. Moreover, Vaccination and Process Protection will deter or make malware self-terminate, where Safe Browsing and Application Lockdown reveal malware that hide inside or attempt to piggyback on trusted programs to gain persistence or hoist in additional payloads.

Whether computers are targeted indiscriminately or singled out in a watering-hole or spear-phishing attack, HitmanPro.Alert offers high-performance protection without requiring prior knowledge of attacks.

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