DelinvFile (FULL + Keygen)

DelinvFile (FULL + Keygen)

Beginning with version 5.01, DelinvFile includes UniCode logic to enable processing of file and folder names containing characters from other languages and includes “Bulk Delete”, “Multi-select” and a new method for displaying error messages.

Even though DelinvFile may not have handled your invalid files in the past, give the new version a try.

Windows allows the creation of file names and folder names that can not be deleted or renamed via Windows Explorer. This includes names with invalid characters and names that are too long.
The current version of DelinvFile includes a function to scan for invalid names and too-long names.

Some windows functions allow creation of folder paths such that the combined path + filename lengths exceed the maximum permitted length. The current limit is 260 characters. In other words, windows can create names that are too long for the standard Windows Explorer to delete. The scan function also attempts to identify file and folder names with invalid characters which would make them un-removable via Windows Explorer.

NOTE – DelinvFile does not delete or rename in-use (Locked) files. However, DelinvFile does provide functions for deleting or renaming files and folders at the next Boot.

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