DAEMON Tools Ultra (FULL Cracked)

DAEMON Tools Ultra (FULL Cracked)version 3 here

DAEMON Tools Ultra is a new generation product, that offers an alternative to work with image files. Now you don’t have to think of creating and managing your virtual devices – just use Quick Mount option and start working with your Image Catalog. Thus you can use key features of DAEMON Tools Pro but with even more comfort.”

Support of VHD image format
DAEMON Tools Ultra enables you to create and mount VHD hard drives images. So you can easily access your data stored in VHD files.

Bootable USB devices
Using the program you can write a bootable image to USB device. USB devices are faster, handier and more durable than the usual physical disks, so it is convenient to use them for operating system installation. Also bootable USB is perfect for notebooks without drive.

RAM disks creation
DAEMON Tools Ultra allows you to create and use RAM disk – the one that is stored in the main memory. As random-access memory is much faster than the hard disk, it provides the highest performance of the data. In DAEMON Tools Ultra you can create both persistent and volatile RAM disks.

iSCSI Initiator with ODD and HDD support
Now you can access remote CD/DVD or HDD devices, shared through iSCSI protocol. Choose available iSCSI target and mount it like a simple disc image. DAEMON Tools Ultra supports the most known types of iSCSI software and hardware targets. If you are seeking an enterprise solution to manage image files, then DAEMON Tools Ultra with new iSCSI Initiator functionality can work for you.

Quick Mount Option
Click on “Quick Mount” button and select an image file to work with. You will find all mounted images on the “Quick Mount” panel. Working with images never was so easy!

Supported OS
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2003

Release notes
What’s new
* SPTD 1.84 (Windows 8.1 support);
* Ability to create bootable USB devices;
* Creating and mounting of RAM disks;
* “Mount after creation” feature for VHD;
* Ability to delete image files via Image Catalog;
* Optional confirmations for unmount/delete actions;
* Improved work under user account.
Bugs fixed
* Formatting VHD in FAT32 file system;
* Crash on mounting password protected images via gadget;
* Crash on importing data from password protected images;
* TrueCrypt images recognizing issue;
* Minor GUI and functional fixes.


ENJOY this FULL Working Pre-cracked Software, “DAEMON Tools Ultra”.

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