CrossFTP Enterprise 1.97.7 (FULL + Keygen)

CrossFTP Enterprise 1.97.7 (FULL + Keygen)

CrossFTP Pro is a powerful FTP, FTPS, SFTP, FXP, WebDav, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, and Google Storage client for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


    Versatile secure protocol choices made transfer simple.
  • WebDAV(s) and MobileMe iDisk Support
    Get files on WebDav(s) and iDisk, faster than Browser!
  • Amazon S3
    Simply manage your on-demand storage, cost effectively!
  • CDN CloudFront Distribution
    Manage public/private distribution, and sign URLs!
  • Amazon Glacier
    Simpliy handle your glacier backups, cost effectively!
  • Google Cloud Storage
    Handle on-demand storage simply!
  • FXP (Site-to-Site) Transfers
    Go server to server FTP transfers by tab-to-tab!
  • Local Encryption
    Encrypt your files with AES algorithm before transfer!
  • Turbo Engine
    Up to 40x multi-thread enigne turbos the speed!
  • Edit Anywhere
    Edit any files in any app, even remote graph files.
  • Synchronization
    Preview your sync, save/schedule in queue, powerful options.
  • Schedule
    Put your transfer/synchronization tasks in plan.
  • HTTP/Sock/FTP Proxy
    Flow along various proxy engines.
  • Sync-Browsing
    Bind two tabs, so that one goes, the other also goes.
  • Speed Limit
    Nicely grant your bandwidth to other programs.
  • Remote File Search
    Search for certain files in the remote folder.
  • Much, Much More…
    IPV6, Account, Customized commands, CHMOD… one mege app!

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