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AOM Factory Total Bundle 1.7.1 (FULL Precracked)

AOM Factory Total Bundle 1.7.1 (FULL Precracked)Plug-ins

Invisible Limiter
transparent mastering limiter

Stereo Imager D
true-stereo image manipulator

Wave Shredder
waveform destruction

transparent equalizer

Cyclic Panner
Axis transformation panner


  • Supports Windows VST and AAX-Native Format in 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Supports Mac OS X VST, Audio Unit and AAX-Native Format in 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Supports 44.1kHz to 192kHz sampling rate.
  • Supports up to 64bit floating-point plug-in I/O.
  • 64bit floating-point internal precision.
  • Latency Compensation (needs DAW’s support)


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KCNcrew Pack (09-15-13)

KCNcrew Pack (09-15-13)This is the KCNcrew Pack September 15 2013 Issue.

It’s like Serial Box, which has SN’s but KCN also has cracks and patches. It would be best to have both of these collections, as this often has serials you cannot find in Serial Box. Unlike Serial Box, no readers are required. Just open the dmg file, drag and drop the application to where you like.  However, there is no way to view what serials, cracks and patches are new in this issue as compared to the previous like Serial Box.

CleanMyMac 2.0.7 (FULL Cracked)

CleanMyMac 2.0.7 (FULL Cracked)“”CleanMyMac 2 is an ingeniously simple and powerful application for keeping your Mac clean, organized and free of files that slow it down. It’s simply the best Mac cleaner around!”

Clean Your Entire Mac
A clean Mac is a happy Mac. With one click, you can scan every inch of your Mac. Automatic Cleanup algorithms will then remove only those files that are 100% safe to delete, so you never have to worry about the wrong files being erased.

Delete Large, Forgotten Files
CleanMyMac 2 doesn’t just look for system junk – it will also find large files you’ve forgotten about, or tell you which files you haven’t opened in a while, such as movies you’ve downloaded and haven’t watched for some time.

Optimize Your iPhoto Library
Every time you change an image in iPhoto, its modified copy appears in your library, while the original is hidden by iPhoto. CleanMyMac 2 finds those hidden files and allows to remove them to free up more disk space for your iPhoto Library and other useful items, without any harm to your photo collection.

Manage Your Applications
CleanMyMac 2 keeps track of all your applications and allows to correctly and completely uninstall the ones you don’t need or those that are no longer compatible with your Mac. It also identifies leftovers of previously removed apps.

Review Your Extensions
CleanMyMac 2 also lets you review and remove unneeded widgets, plugins and preference panes and much more. The best Mac cleaning software on the market, it features an easy-to-find interface along with tips on how to clean your Mac.

Sytem Requirements:
For OS X 10.7+

What’s New in Version 2.0.7:
• Improved compatibility with Parallels products
• Improved Universal Binaries module performance

Bugs fixed in CleanMyMac 2 2.0.7
• Fixed Uninstaller freezes, when uninstalling apps via Finder contextual menu or by moving to Trash
• Minor functional improvements
• All known crashes fixed


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