Auslogics File Recovery (FULL + Crack)

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Auslogics File Recovery (FULL + Crack)Auslogics File Recovery 4 – High quality all-in-one file recovery software. From a trusted company and continuously improved by industry’s best. Recovers deleted files and lost partitions, quickly and easily.”


  • Recovers deleted files and lost partitions, quickly and easily.
  • File recovery of all file types
  • Supports all file systems, hard drives and memory cards
  • Quick and easy file recovery with the Recovery Wizard
  • Recommended by industry’s leading software distributers
  • Works with Windows 7, Vista and XP

Why use File Recovery?
Recover All File Types
With Auslogics File Recovery software you can recover ALL file types: documents, music, photos, videos and every other file type you can think of.

Recovers from All Storage MediaRecovers from All Storage Media
Recover your files from ALL storage media: (external) Hard Disk, SD Card, Flash Card or USB Stick. Even after a quick format.

Supports All Major File Systems
No need to worry about what file system your files are on. Auslogics supports file recovery from ALL major file systems: NTFS, Fat16/32, and exFat.

Multiple PC and Operating System SupportMultiple PC and Operating System Support
With your Auslogics File Recovery software license, you can recover files from up to 3 PCs. No matter what OS (works with Windows 7, Vista and XP).

Quick and Easy to Work WithQuick and Easy to Work With
Quickly choose file type, location and scanning method with the built-in Recovery Wizard. File recovery made easy!

High Quality ProductHigh Quality Product. Good Price
Our recovery experts guarantee you will always have the best technology available to recover your files. For a very competitive price.

Other Features
Recovery Wizard for Quick Results
The Recovery Wizard helps you minimize the file recovery time when working with deleted files. The Recovery Wizard allows you to select the drives you want to scan, specify the file types, when last modified, specify a date range or just recover a deleted file by name.

Search FilteringAdvanced Filter to Sort Scan Results
You don’t need to go through hundreds of deleted files to find the file(s) you want to recover. An advanced built-in Filter will help you sort the deleted files quickly and easily. Filter by date, size, file type or a combination of these options. Recovering deleted files is that easy!

Deep ScanDeep Scan for Tough Recoveries
Didn’t try to recover your deleted files immediately, or did you quick-format your storage device already? The Deep Scan lets you dive deep into your file system to recover the deleted files you thought were lost for good.

Files PreviewPreview Files when File Names are Unclear
Sometimes deleted files lose their original file name after being deleted. The Preview option lets you preview photos, videos, documents and PDF files right from the program. Just browse through the list of deleted files you find and start recovering the deleted files you want back!

All Auslogics File Recovery Features

  • Retrieve all file types
  • Works with Windows 7, Vista and XP
  • Recover deleted files from all storage devices
  • Supports all major file systems
  • Recovery Wizard for quick results
  • Advanced Filter to sort deleted files
  • Deep Scan that allows to scan cluster by cluster
  • Option to preview before retrieving deleted files
  • Recovers files deleted using Shift+Delete
  • Save deleted files on any accessible drive
  • Sort deleted files by name, date, size or file type
  • Identify and retrieve deleted files based on their unique signature
  • View deleted files based on their original file and folder structure
  • Recover files from formatted partitions, even after reinstalling Windows
  • Recover deleted files from SATA, SCSI and IDE drives
  • Recover deleted files from SD, XD and MMC memory cards
  • Restore deleted files files from USB, FireWire Drives and iPods
  • Restore deleted files files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT file systems


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